February 28 - Unleashed to Value Community

Community - real, Biblical community - is one of the most unique and beautiful constructs that God calls all believers to. We are to serve one another and be devoted to one another as we devote ourselves to Scripture and obedience.

February 21 - Unleashed to Value Biblical Truth

We were once dead in our sins and under God's wrath, but God, through His incredible grace, saved us and made us new.
How do we know these things? Scripture tells us.
Are you standing on Biblical Truth? Are you allowing the Scripture to speak into your life and transform you?

February 14 - Unleashed to Empower

Knowing and understanding God helps us to know and understand His plan. When we do that we can see His faithfulness in His promises. We are called to see His power and allow that power to change us and transform us.
Will you work to empower others to be true worshipers of God?

February 7 - Unleashed to Restore

What would it look like to unleash the Body of Christ in our neighborhoods and communities? What would it look like to unleash the love and restoration of Christ around the world?

January 31 - The Church on Purpose

The Church, the Body of Christ, must live on mission. Christ has called us to proclaim the Good News to every nation. We must accept His invitation to follow Him and live sanctified lives while building unity within the Body of believers.

January 24 - The Church is Essential

The idea that God would use us is pretty amazing.
He could have spoken to the world directly, but He chose to use broken people to showcase His grace in a world that needs redemption so badly.
The fact that Christ uses flawed people to accomplish his woks on earth is a sign of His grace. The story of the Church is a a beautiful story of God's grace, power, and redemption. The church gives the world a front row seat to the grace of God.

January 17- Steps to Crossing

To truly follow after Christ, we must wait on the Lord while He consecrates us to be the leaders He has called us to be. Then, we must step out in faith, knowing that He is leading us where we need to go. After all of that, we must remember all that He has brought us through and brought us to so that we can praise Him and remember His faithfulness.

January 10 - Strategy

In Joshua chapter two, we take a look at the strategy that God placed before Joshua and how we can also use this strategy when moving forward as a church.
Godly strategy involves unity, community, and seeking the Lord and receiving His blessing.
How can you jump into 2021 with a godly strategy? What changes do you need to make to ensure that you are moving forward with God's blessing?

January 3 - Lead Me On

As we come into a new year, we must be prepared to do what God has called us to do. We have to communicate to everyone and get ready so that we can see what God has in mind for us.
And then, we have to rely on HIS strength to get the job done, all while doing our part to listen and act when He shows us the way.

December 27 - What to make of 2020

2020 has been a tough year. But God can make sense of it if we let Him. We must trust God to redeem the past; make Christ the center of our present; and follow Christ into the future.
Will you live the "hallelujah life?"

Simply Christmas

Come see what happens when we focus, not on the trappings of Christmas, but on the Christmas story itself.We will find audacious hope, perfect peace, jumping joy, and tenacious love.

Christ's Words to the Church

Christ had a lot to say to the Church while He walked on the earth. His words are still valuable and provided for us through the gospels so that we can see what the Son of God wants from us and for us.As you watch this series, you will be challenged to change and be transformed into someone who looks, acts, thinks and loves like Jesus.

Crisis 101

When we go through crisis, it can be overwhelming to say the least. We can lose our focus and forget about what really matters. Join Tim as he leads us along the same journey as the Israelites as they leave Egypt. Based on the book The Red Sea Rules by Robert Morgan and the series Crisis 101, be reminded of how to focus on God, how to know when the enemy is distracting you and be challenged to praise God through it all!

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