June 28 - Face Time with Jesus

God sent Jesus to Earth to walk among His creation and to be the representation of God to His people. Jesus is God. He is Light and Life. And He wants a relationship with YOU!

June 21 - Acknowledge your enemy, but keep your eyes on the Lord (Crisis 101: Week #3)

Who is pursuing you: a nasty habit, a website, an attitude, a group of people you know to be bad? We all need to remember that when we acknowledge God but keep our focus on the enemy (ultimately, satan), we make a tragic mistake.
Instead, we need to acknowledge the enemy, but keep our eyes on the Lord.
Join us this week to discover more about what this means in your life!

June 14 - Be more concerned for God's glory than for your relief. (Crisis 101: Week #2)

When we take action to see that God gets the glory, it changes our perspective on why things happen. We find peace. The world finds salvation. That is what we as disciples of Jesus want, right?

June 7 - Realize that God means for you to be where you are. (Crisis 101 Week #1)

What does it mean to make life make sense when life just doesn't make sense?
Week #1 of our Crisis 101 series. See what we can learn from the Israelites and the Exodus from Egypt. Who really IS God in your life?

May 31 - Pushing Through Confidently Today & Into the Future

May 24 - Pushing Through: Confident in Suffering

1 Peter 4 brings to light the purpose of suffering, the privilege that it is to suffer and the patience that suffering requires. When we suffer, we have an opportunity to grow and become stronger with the help of Jesus. When you suffer, are you able to suffer well? What does that even look like?

May 17 - Pushing Through With Confident Behavior

How we behave towards others reflects our confidence in Christ's salvation and the life He desires for each of us. When we have confidence in Who's we are, we can push through adversity, hardships, oppression and so much more and choose to behave well towards others, regardless of our circumstance.

May 10 - Pushing Through Barriers

In 1 Peter 2, Peter speaks about what it means to love one another and how ungodly behavior can ruin a brotherhood of believers. Instead, we need to embrace what is GOOD and submit ourselves to Christ. This is the only way we can push through the barriers that stop us from growing in Christ and loving as Christ would have us love.

May 3 - Pushing Through With Confidence in Our Salvation

During times of hardship and struggle, we can sometimes lose focus. We can forget that God is on our side and has chosen us for His Kingdom. This week's service is all about remembering His sacrifice and having confidence in our salvation which has been graciously given to us through Jesus Christ.

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