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RECC Vision

1000 families and/or households reconciled to Christ and to His Church

How can you be Unleashed?

We are so excited to get you connected to ministry at RECC and in your community. Below are some ways to get that process started!

Our Vision for RECC & Our Community

Kingdom Concept

Our Kingdom Concept is RESTORE. That means that everything we do at RECC has “restore” are the center!
We want to help restore individuals to Christ and all people to the Family of God.


Our mission is to empower our community to be true worshippers of GOD!

Core Values

How will we empower people to be true worshippers? By holding fast to our core values: Community, Biblical Truth, Discipleship, & Prayer


We will empower our community to be true worshippers of God by helping them Connect, Serve, Grow & Multiply.

Mission Measures

We will know that we are reaching our goals when all RECC members are actively seeking, engaging, serving, and leading!